Grant Writing Services That Set Your Nonprofit Up for Success

Securing grants is an essential element of an effective fundraising strategy for many nonprofits, small businesses, and associations. A well-written grant is responsive and highlights your organization’s value within your specific niche or community.

Available grants often require considerable detail about your organization’s impact, how that impact is measured, your unique value proposition, and why now is the right time for a grantor to support your mission.

Grant Writers for Nonprofits

Grant writing can be challenging – you need the right consultant to create your document and highlight how your nonprofit changes people’s lives. However, securing a grant is where many researchers and grant writers fall short. A successful grant submittal should be persuasive and comprehensive enough to make a compelling case for decision-makers.

Whether you submit to an educational institution, foundation, private funding agency, or state/federal government, it needs to be impervious to grammatical, formatting, or technical errors.

Best Grant Writing Consultant

Devine Solutions Group is a full-stack digital marketing agency that offers professional grant writing as a component of our award-winning suite of services. We assist many nonprofit organizations with increasing visibility to reach potential program participants and acquire economic support. We know how difficult securing funds can be, especially when demand is so high.

The process our team of professional grant writing experts follows starts with this approach:

  1. Needs assessment
  2. Extensive research
  3. Create content and write the response
  4. Review, proof, edit and finalize
  5. Submit
  6. Grant management once awarded

We ensure that you submit a responsive grant proposal every time. We are here for you if you don’t have anyone on staff to manage your grant writing process or have nothing in your pipeline for grant opportunities!

Organizations hire Devine Solutions Group as their professional grant writing consultant team because of our experience, quality of service, and award-win rate. In addition, our extensive knowledge and credentials ensure an effective submittal process from start to finish.

We have a team ready to assist you every step of the way, giving you more time to focus on building your programs. We understand the importance of your work and the valuable impact your organization makes.

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Let Us Prepare Your Grant

We know the reasons why you are applying for a grant. However, your organization has a unique story to tell, and your success depends on how that story is laid out within the guidelines of grant requests. If you don’t have the time or experience to convey that story in a document, we are here to fill the gap and write a responsive submittal on your behalf.

Once underway, a grant can assist you with expanding the scope of services and programs you offer. However, we fully understand how important it is to secure funding and how difficult and time-consuming writing a grant can be. Our comprehensive grant proposal writing service is here to lift the pressure off your shoulders.

Our team specializes in grant proposal writing and is here to help you with:

  • Organizing everything necessary for a clear and persuasive proposal.
  • Reviewing and editing drafts that have already been created.
  • Comprehensively evaluating areas that need further development and aspects that need compliance.

When it comes to the evaluation of your written grant proposal, we are aware that different organizations come with their own set of requirements. That is why our expert grant writers are industry specialists and subject matter experts. We are here to provide you with relevant expertise and give your grant proposal the best chance of securing the funding you need.

Secure The Funding You Require with Our Grant Writing Service

Writing an award-winning grant proposal is not easy. It requires tremendous time, knowledge, skill, experience, and dedication. While many consultants claim to specialize in grant writing, not many can say that they have helped multiple organizations secure funding with their grant writing skills.

With us, you will get:

  • A grant writing service that will assist you with obtaining and securing a grant — because of our unique research and analysis system.
  • A team of experienced professionals that works together to convey a comprehensive message based on evidence.
  • Funding opportunities that you hadn’t discovered and/or considered before.

Devine Solutions Group is the perfect choice for your grant writing consultant. We work with nonprofits, small businesses, startups, and other organizations with grant writing, research, and evaluation. If you need strategic planning, we are here for you.

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