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How We Can Assist With Creating Your Press Release And Distribute To Over 4000 Media Outlets

If you’ve got a news worthy story and need to get the word out but have no method to do so, enlist our press release writing and distribution services to assist you with getting your message out to over 4,000 media outlets.

But first, let’s discuss what exactly is a press release and what is its purpose.

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a written communication that has a very specific format and discusses brief information about an opportunity you are supporting, an event, an award you’ve earned, a product launch, or any other news worthy scenario you’re connected to. It is typically about a business or a non-profit organization and is distributed through a wide variety of media channels.

It’s important to mention if you issue a press release, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the media with pick up your story. In most cases, journalists and media outlets may want to contact you for some additional information.

Devine Solutions Group will create a new worthy release that answers common questions that journalists, bloggers, tweeters and other social media influencers find worthy of promoting throughout their outlets and networks.

  1. How compelling is your news?
  2. Will your content interest their readers?
  3. How does your content benefit a community?

What is the Purpose of a Press Release?

The main purpose of any press release is to promote something specific and relevant that you or your business is involvement with and communicated in a clear and succinct manner. There are strict formatting guidelines that serve a few different marketing purposes.

  • You want to notify the media about an event in hopes that they will spread the word.
  • You would like to share an important event about your business and want to present it to either a reporter, journalist or blogger who will actually write an article about it.
  • To promote your business’ appearance on the internet via blogs, websites, and social networks.

What a Press Release Is Not

A press release does not guarantee any marketing or promotion for your business so keep your expectations realistic. Don’t expect that media outlets will pay attention to every press release you submit. But don’t give up, either. Like anything in marketing, consistency is everything and press releases are a very important part of any marketing strategy. You have to continually create press releases that really stand out and add value. In doing so, you are bound to gain more coverage. This is where we come in.

We are proud of our relationship with Cison/PRNewswire as our preferred distribution partner for our clients.

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