A Step By Step Guide To An Effective Social Media Strategy

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A Step-By-Step Guide To Effectively Use Social Media

Did you know that more than 45% of the world’s population uses social media and over 366 million new people started using it this year alone? In North America, 69% of the people use Facebook and the percentages for similar countries follow the same trend. In many ways, Facebook has been described as “a country of its own”.

So . . .

What happens if you don’t know how to use social media for your business and tap into new audiences? Below, we are listing a guide where in few steps, you will know the basics of social media and how to use it to drive your business.

Step 1: Focus On Quality Content

People are very smart when it comes to online platforms, especially shopping, thanks to Amazon. To capture their interest, you have to be even smarter and be very mindful about what you post. Whether it’s a Facebook status update or an Instagram post, you should know that content is still king and as such, it should be directed to your ideal client’s needs and their pain.

From blogs to photos and tweets, quality and uniqueness should be everywhere in your posts. Only then will people engage and interact with your business in the way you want them to.

Step 2: Make Use Of (Targeted) Ads

The number of organic page reach shows that there are more Facebook pages now than any time ever before — and that it is incredibly difficult to get people to engage. So, how do you push yourself in front of your ideal (target) audience — you have to be very specific in your messaging so they feel as though you are speaking directly to them.

The answer is simple — ads. Fortunately, Facebook has a lot of features and ways to bring you closer to your ideal client. By creating ad campaigns, you can pinpoint a specific audience based on their interests, device(s) used, likes and demographics.

Yet, Facebook is only one piece of the puzzle, right?

Step 3: Know When To Post

Every social media channel demands equal attention, just like it demands regular posts that entertain, inform or educate your audience. So, your quality posts on social media should not only be written and designed well — they should also be perfectly timed so that more people can see them.

If your business is local, you can discover the best times to post after a little thinking about when are your ideal customers are free to browse your page – or check your business out directly. If you are international, you can schedule posts to publish at different times.

Step 4: Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing was a buzzword a few years ago. Today, it is more than just a trend.

The use of high-profile individuals to push your brand to the masses (that are following them) has grown into a great leverage-point for many businesses seeking new customers. Just like that, it could be your unique way of getting more sales too. Look for a local celebrity or person of local influence to endorse your business. Video testimonies are the most effective. Just make sure to choose the perfect influencer network and you are good to go!

Final Words

Whether you are new to social media or are a veteran in the field, you should know that times are changing and with that, a lot of trends are evolving. It is up to you to adapt to them and make use of them in the best way possible! This is where our award-winning social media management team can assist you.

In addition, if you need help during this process, or don’t know where to start, contact us and ask about how our 24-Month Implementation Plan can be custom developed to help you expand your reach, coverage and profits!

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