The Best Web Design Trends To Inspire You

web design trends

Planning a website redesign is a challenging process on its own. However, there are so many new things in the field of web design every year. All of them are created to improve the user experience and make sure that every person landing on your website can interact and engage with it in the best way possible.

If you have been wondering and asking yourself what trends and design aesthetics will be popular this and the next year (and which trends will fade away), below we are sharing the best web design trends to inspire you. With them, you can finally start thinking about redesigning your website.

1. Illustrations That Tell A Story

Illustrations have been present on websites for many years. However, there is a growing trend of having more custom, more colourful, and more detailed illustrations that align with your core ideas and brand values.

Now, the good news. If you find it hard to design illustrations for yourself, there is one website that can be of big help to you. We are talking about ManyPixels – a place that offers a huge collection of pre-designed visuals that you can use – for FREE. As a bonus, you also get the option to customize them with your brand colors and use the search bar to find the right illustrations for your needs. is one of the best libraries for custom illustrations.

2. UX Design That Is Thoughtful

We know that most of the business owners out there are clueless when it comes to design principles. They just want a good looking website which will make visitors click.

However, if you put a finger to your forehead, you will realize that actual viewers are smarter than before. In an era where websites are getting more sophisticated, even the smallest business owners should take advantage of UX design and make it a core element of their website.

Below is a video published by Envato that shows some of the best UX/UI design trends in 2020.

3. Gradients

With one look at a gradient-inspired design, you’ll start thinking “wow, that is cool.”

A second look and you will see how unified, elegant, and thoughtful this approach is.

A third look – and you will realize that all big brands are using it.

From Grammarly to Walmart and Spotify, gradients are more than just a trend on websites nowadays. They look great on every device (both desktop, mobile and even TV) and showcase features elegantly and subtly. Below are a few examples. is a great example of how gradients are used in modern web design.

5. The No-Coding Revolution

If you do just one Google search of the term “no-code” in an attempt to find the best website builder for your needs, you will get the following.

Or in numbers, more than 10 billion results. All of this shows that there is a new way of thinking about web and software development which is leaving the traditional coding paradigm. Now, websites can be even faster with less code, and design on the go – with as many drag-and-drop features, blocks and elements as possible.

Speaking of no-coding…

Our team at Devine Digital Marketing uses Elementor for WordPress as one of the ways to create sophisticated, elegant, and responsive websites. Our web design experts know how to make most of your business and give you a digital transformation that will fascinate your viewers and turn them into loyal customers.

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